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Spa Academy Askern

Spa Academy Askern

Year 6

This page outlines the arrangements for Year 6 pupils to continue to access work at home during school closures.

Below, you can find information on:

- Suggested activities

- How to access these resources

 If you have any concerns or questions, please contact with the subject 'Home Learning'.

Suggested activities

Subject Activity


 (up to 1 hour per day)


Pupils login using the school username/password.

Pupils then login to the portal using their individual username/password.

Teachers set work for pupils to work through. 'Try the lesson' to be guided through the lesson and 'Start the homework' to complete the task.

Times Tables

(up to 30 minutes per day)


Pupils login using their individual usernames/password

Select 'Garage' mode and practise these. These automatically change based on pupils' speed and accuracy.


(up to 1 hour per day)

Visit our Reading page and choose one of the activities to complete. Why not listen to today's David Walliam's free audiobook? Check it out by clicking the image below! 

Choose one of the activities below to complete in your Home Learning book:

  • Draw a picture about that sums up your favourite part of what you listened to.
  • Draw a picture of one of the characters and what you imagine they might look like - based on what you've heard.
  • Create a comic strip of today's tale.

Draw around own hand and design patterns in pencil or black pen. Try for a wide variety of patterns. Use environment around them or patterns in nature as ideas.

Can you use your shading skills to develop this art project even further?

Shading Techniques & Selecting Paper for Graphite - Strathmore ...

Even though we're inside, outside spring is taking form! This includes daffodils beginning to bloom. Put your art skills to the test and have a go at drawing these flowers. 


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The current events will go down in history and will be remembered for hundreds of years to come. In our history lessons, we read diaries and stories from people who have lived through events from history. Keep a daily diary of what you have done with your day. Write this up on paper or in your Home Learning book! This might include:

- What you've done with your day

- What you've seen

- How you feel 

History in a Diary | Memorabilia House

On our return to school, we can look at these diaries and, who knows, maybe in a hundred years time your diary will be used to teach children about what is going on at the minute and what it was like for children!

#BetterNeverStops Challenge

Visit our #BetterNeverStops Challenge page and check out what the current challenge is. Record your progress in your Home Learning book!

The Big Geography Challenge - THE GEOGRAPHER ONLINE

Keeping fit! Visit our Keeping Fit page and choose a physical activity/challenge to complete today.


How do I access the above resources?

If you are unable to access any of the above resources or require pupils' username/password, please contact with the subject line 'Home Learning'.

Choose which resource you would like further information on.


Pupils will visit the MyMaths website. They will be asked to login using their login details.

Their teacher will have set them lessons/activities to complete. When pupils login they should:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the school username and password.
  3. The ‘Portal username’ section should appear like below. If it does not, click Portal Login in the corner. Use the pupils' individual username and password to login.
  4. The homework has been set for pupils to work through.

Click on the first one and select either ‘Try the lesson’ if you’d like to practice the skill or ‘Start homework’ to begin the homework. As pupils complete this, this is sent to teachers to view.

Times Tables Rockstars

Pupils should visit and login using their username and password.

School: Askern Spa Junior School

Pupils should select ‘Garage’ mode and play for up to 30 minutes a day. This website automatically introduces and tests new times tables when pupils are speedy and accurate in those already being answered.


For this, pupils should visit and login using their individual logins.

This will then take them through to reading texts and varied questions. These questions are designed to let pupils practise the skills we often teach in school reading sessions. Their progress is tracked and recorded for teachers to monitor.

If this is their first time using the site, it will begin with a baseline assessment. This will be used to pitch their reading level so do not worry if this, to begin with, is too hard for pupils.