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Spa Academy Askern

Spa Academy Askern

Keeping Fit

Our pupils and staff have worked incredibly hard this year to raise our fitness levels so that our physical and mental health is improving as well as meaning our school teams are match-fit and ready to compete! To make sure we're keeping fit whilst away from school, why not try out the challenges below.

Want to show off your progress? Keep a note of what you've done in your Home Learning book and/or email pictures of you completing the activities to


Check out these resources below to keep you active:

Home - GoNoodle

Premier League Primary Stars | Introducing Super Movers!

Why not pick a daily challenge to have a go at?

Challenge What do I do...?
Joe Wicks Workout

Every weekday at 9am, join Joe Wicks in a national PE lesson!

Visit his YouTube channel here to take part!


Stamina Challenge

Bike or run a short lap near your house for approximately 10 minutes

Change your lap each week. Can you go faster each time?

Strength Challenges

Maximum press ups in one minute

Maximum squats in 30 seconds keeping your heels on the floor. Hold any weight with both hands against your chest (could be a pillow, ball or bag for example)

Hold a plank for 1 minute (lift one hand and the opposite leg off of the floor if you find it easy)

Could you do 10 pull ups a day as well?


Speed Challenge

Skip for 2 minutes

Or find a line and jump either side of it for two minutes.

Flexibility - Yoga Challenge

Start and finish laid flat or sat cross-legged

10 minutes

Hold each pose for 3 breathing cycles: 1 second breath in, 3 seconds breathing out x3

10 stretches

Brilliant if you need to relax too!